Zipp 404 - 2006-2008

General Info: Zipp's 404 is their most popular and versatile wheelset.  It is often used for road racing, cyclocross, time trialing, and triathlons.  As a result the amount of supply of this wheel is large and often the amount of demand is also large.  If you miss a Zipp 404 listing don't worry there are always plenty of them available for sale at any given time.   Often times triathletes will buy a set of 404's before graduating up to a 808/Disc wheel in the rear and either keeping the 404 front or upgrading to an 808 front.

Zipp 82 & 182 Hub
Model Specific Info: This model featured the 82/182 hub and featured carbon fiber dust caps. They also have a bright blue (Campy) or red (Shimano) free hub body as opposed to the older silver free hub body.  Zipp claimed this 404 is 62 seconds faster over 40KM than than their baseline wheel - the Mavic Ksyrium.  This is 18 seconds slower than the 404 Firecrests.    It should also be noted that in 2008 they added a new "carbon bridge" technology for increased wheel strength.  To my knowledge there is no way to easily differentiate a 2006-2007 rim from a 2008 rim.  These wheels came by default with 18/24 spokes as opposed to newer 404s which have 16/20 spokes by default.

Bottom Line: This model is now at least 3 or 4 major generations old depending on whether you consider the carbon bridge technology in the 2008 model to be a major revision or not.  The older hub is not as nice as the newer hubs.  Often times you will see people selling this wheelset as the 2009/2010 version.  Chances are the owners are not doing it intentionally but are just not informed. At this point there is not much difference in price versus the newer 404s with better hubs and increased aerodynamics.  Given the confusion it is better to pay close attention and try to snag the new 2009/2010 version.

2007 MSRP SET - $2100 => Fair Used Price @ $750 - $1000
2007 MSRP Front - $945 => Fair Used Price @ $350 - $450
2007 MSRP Rear - $1155 => Fair Used Price @ $375 - $500

2007 MSRP Tubular $2100 => Fair Used Price @  $750 - $950
2007 MSRP Front - $945 => Fair Used Price @ $350 - $425
2007 MSRP Rear - $1155 => Fair Used Price @ $375 - $475