Zipp 808 - 2005-2008

Zipp 82/182 Hubs (2006-2008)
General Info: Zipp's 808 wheelset was first released in 2005 and is often used for time trials, triathlons, and has even been making appearances in road racing.  Aftermarket supply of the 808 is generally less than the 404 but is still in good supply.  Zipp introduced its third generation 808 in 2011 under the name "Firecrest" and is available as a full carbon clincher or tubular rim wheelset.  The second gen rim shape was produced in 2009-2010, but will continue on as a aluminum clincher in 2011.  The original 1st gen 808 was produced in 2005-2008.

Zipp 202 Freehub Body - Silver
Model Specific Info: The 1st gen 808 was produced with dimples from 2005-2008.  The only change through the production years was to the hub.  The hub was upgraded from the 84/202 hub in 2005 to the 82/182 hub in the 2006-2008 version.  The hub looks identical but the rear 202 hub is easily identified by the silver colored freehub body instead of the bright red/blue freehubs.  The 1st gen dimples (see picture) differ from the 2nd gen dimples and are an easy way to distinguish the rims.  Additionally you can tell the 1st and 2nd gen 808s by the width of the tire bed.  The 1st gen 808 will have a narrower tire bed, although this is impossible to tell from a picture.

Zipp claimed the 1st gen 808 could save 72 seconds or 24 watts compared to their baseline wheel.  This is 9 seconds slower than the 2nd gen 808, and 24 seconds slower than the newest Firecrest wheels. 

Dimples - 1st Gen 808 vs 2nd Gen 808
Bottom Line: These wheels are becoming very dated but you will see many people selling these as the 2009/2010 version.  The aftermarket price of these wheels tend to be overvalued because of this so don't expect significant discounting.  Using the 2005 MSRP these wheels are selling at 53% to 69%.   Prices can vary widely so if you are interested in this wheelset then it is best to be patient and not get attached to a particular listing.  It should be noted that single wheels tend fetch a premium. Many people mismatch 808s either with a 404 in the front or disk in the rear.  This has created a rather large market for single wheels but it seems to be currently working in the sellers favor.

2005 MSRP Set - $1895 => Fair Used Price @ $1000 - $1300
2005 MSRP Front - $853 => Fair Used Price @ $550- $700
2005 MSRP Rear - $1042=> Fair Used Price @ $600 - $750

2005 MSRP Set - $1895 => Fair Used Price @ $1000 - $1300
2005 MSRP Front - $853 => Fair Used Price @ $525 - $700
2005 MSRP Rear - $1042 => Fair Used Price @ $550 - $725