Zipp 404 Firecrest

General Info: 404s are Zipp most popular and versatile wheelset. The supply on this wheel is large and has been sold starting in 2010 and is still being sold in 2015.

Firecrest Rim Profile
Model Specific Info: Zipp made the most significant improvements to their 404 line with Firecrest and the new wider rim profile.  This wheel was introduced in the middle of 2010 and was Zipp's first full carbon clincher rim. It is also available in a tubular. Zipp claims the wheelset is 9 seconds faster over the course of 40KM than their last 404 and is 80 seconds faster than than their baseline wheel - the Mavic Ksyrium. The rim profile is now more oval as opposed to the toradial rim shape of 404s in the past.  The clincher is easily identified by the carbon braking surface as opposed to the more traditional aluminum braking service.

Bottom Line: There is an abundance of used and heavily discounted new Zipp 404s. Keep in mind that minor updates/hub changes have been made along with major differences including stock spoke count and the change from 10-speed to 11-speed free hub bodies. Look for after market new wheels to sell for 30-35% off full retail. Used wheels sell at a 40-60% discount of full retail.

Firecrest Carbon Clincher